Two Year Check In After Surgery

It’s hard to believe that two years have gone by and it’s long past time for a check in after surgery. I’ve slacked getting posts out there lately, and I guess I’ve just been focusing on trying to find my way.

I went through a six month rebellion period, which I think started around Christmastime. I wanted to try a cookie I made. Then I wanted a little bite of this, a bite of that. I stopped tracking. I took a break from exercising. And then it all just sort of went to poop.

If I’ve learned anything, especially over the last couple of months, it’s that tracking is critical. There needs to be accountability; there needs to be a focal point; there needs to be occasional weigh-ins.

Over six months, I gained about 15 pounds. It made me so mad. I didn’t change sizes, but things fit differently. It could really be because I had put a pause on exercising. But I think that ultimately, it was the combination of my lack of exercise PLUS my new non-tracking see food diet. I got really sick of that, so I got back on the horse, took the bull by the horns, and I got with the program. Healthy eating. Tracking. And even if I go over my daily calorie goal, that’s ok. Because at least I’m tracking. And I’m already down 9 of those 15 pounds. So I’m feeling great.

The last two years have been nothing short of amazing. It’s been a life changing experience that has been the best for me, and exactly what I needed. We’re in maintenance mode now, and I’ve experienced first hand how easy it is to get off track and see things go bad. I caught it early, and I’m moving forward, but I need to remember that this is my forever life – not my immediate future life.

And what a great forever life it’s going to be.

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