SIX Month Surgeversary!

Somehow, in the blink of an eye, six months have passed. I don’t know how and I don’t know when. But with these six months, over one hundred pounds are gone, too. That’s right. I said it. Major Milestone #1 is met!

Lots of wooden clocks all showing different times

I don’t understand where the time goes or how it simply passes so quickly. I honestly feel like it was just a few weeks ago that I was coming home from surgery, ready to indulge in a delicious (not really) Protein Shake. And now six months later, I’m here. Same place, different body.

Six Months, No Pants

Depending on how you look at it, six months is a long time. But for losing 100 pounds, six months is not very long at all. I weighed myself this morning and I was 200.0 pounds. I feel like I should have taken my bra off to get into “onederland” but I figured I’d just keep it on for consistency purposes. But, even with my bra on, I’ve surpassed my goal of 202 – which puts me at 100 pounds lost (actual 102). HUGE! This is HUGE! I can’t tell you what it was like the morning I stepped on the scale and just saw the 202 – Cheshire Cat Smile comes to mind….

Clothes. I’m now very happy to report that I’m out of “Womens” clothes. UGH. I hate how women’s clothes have to be divided up into “Misses” and “Womens”….As if we don’t have enough of a complex that we need to buy bigger clothes, they give us the frumpy designs in the “women’s section”. Well my friends…..NO MORE! I honestly think that I have donated about $2000 worth of clothes this year. No lie. And there’s even another pile starting up on the floor next to my hamper (my husband really appreciates this).

The clothes not fitting has been particularly difficult. Mainly because I have nothing to wear. However, I think I’ve done a decent job augmenting my wardrobe with things from ThredUp. That, and my sister shipped me a box of pants that currently don’t fit her (she’s pregnant and gets to wear fun elastic waistband pants). Actually – trading pants is a great idea if you have someone you can do this with – while you’re just gliding through the sizes, it’ll save you lots of money!

Food Food Glorious Food

At the end of the day, I still love food. I just don’t eat nearly as much of it, and I’m ok with that. There are some things that I just can’t eat – like those Christmas Cookies I plan on making next week. Unfortunately, it’s just not going to happen. But I’m still going to make them for my family. And I’ll probably make myself some of those delicious Mini Cheesecakes. Because I know I can eat those. I know I can make it through Christmas, because I made it through Thanksgiving without a problem.

But all in all, over the last six months, I feel like I’ve gotten really good at making healthy meals that I can eat, and even my family enjoys. I haven’t been great at sharing recipes on a regular schedule, but I’ve been taking pictures and making a lot of new things – I just need to get my act together so I can share them!

Some of the foods I’ve made and plan to share: Beef Chow Mein, Veggie Mac and Cheese, and Beef Chow Mein are just a few examples.

I’ve been hitting my protein goals every day – usually with a minimum of 70 grams. My new obsession is making “espresso” in my Moka Express Pot every morning and adding 8 oz of steamed skim milk. This is only 80 calories (for the milk) and it gives me an automatic 9g protein. I’ve been averaging close to 1000 calories/day, and I’m still losing. I weigh and measure pretty much ever morsel that I put into my mouth. I don’t really even have to think about it anymore. This is what works for me right now.

Bialetti Moka Pot on the stove brewing coffee
My favorite kitchen device – Please excuse my dirty stove!


Woah. I mentioned last month that I had been exercising. I’m still using, but I started a new program and it’s been going really well. It’s called 10 Rounds and it’s 3 days of boxing moves, 2 days of lifting. I really like it, it works for me!

My hair

This is my only negative. I feel like I’m going bald. I seriously have been losing clumps of hair any time I wash my hair (which is about 2-3 times a week). I’m not going bald, but my hair is definitely significantly thinner than it was six months ago. It really bothers me, and other than taking the vitamins I’m already taking, I’m just not sure what to do about it. I have a hair appointment on Friday and I’m tempted to cut my hair short (from my shoulder blades to just above my shoulders) just to try to not make it look so stringy. I guess we’ll see.

All in all, the last six months have been amazing. Life is different, I feel different, and other than my hair and the bingo flaps I’m desperately trying to exercise away, I couldn’t be happier with my choice to have gastric bypass surgery. It’ll be an interesting first Christmas without binging on Christmas Cookies, but I know I can do it and I’m looking forward to what the next month brings me!

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