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Snacks are an essential part to anyone’s diet. I feel that since having surgery, having a solid list of go-to snacks in my arsenal has become super important. They help to keep your blood sugar up throughout the day, and keep your body fueled.  It’s just a matter of keeping healthy snacks on hand so that old habits of unhealthy snacks don’t come back to the forefront.

Tub of Hood lowfat cottage cheese, two hardboiled eggs, crunchmaster, two cheesesticks

I am a snacker, and I always have been.  This has been one of the most difficult things for me to acclimate to since having Gastric Bypass Surgery.  It doesn’t help that my husband and kids are snackers, too, and they have nothing stopping them from indulging.

I try to keep my kids stocked with healthy snacks, but we always have Goldfish and Pirate’s Booty on hand.  It’s difficult to ignore those because it’s like there’s a beacon on the bags that keep calling out, “EAT ME!”

I’m not too proud to admit that I’ve had a couple of stalls and minor setbacks because of snacks.  I’ve had to be really careful and mindful to stay away from them.  I acknowledge they are a weakness and I have a difficult time setting boundaries when it comes to unhealthy carbs.

I’ve made sure to have certain foods on hand so that when the urge to snack arises, I can have something healthy and fulfilling.  So while my kids are snacking on Teddy Grahams and Club Crackers, I can have something better for me.

My Favorite Go-To Snacks

My goal is always High Protein / Low Carb / Low Fat.  And for snacks, I usually strive for under 150 calories.

  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Cheese Sticks with Crackers (I usually have CrunchMaster crackers)
  • Laughing Cow Cheese Spread (I had this a lot just after surgery and I got sick of it)
  • Almonds (I bought the 100 calorie snack packs of Almonds/Walnuts, but I honestly don’t know if they’re worth it because you get barely anything in the package)
  • Whisps Parmesan Cheese Crisps (I don’t actually love these, but they’re not bad in a pinch)
  • Fage 0%, plain or with fruit (strawberries / blueberries / raspberries)
  • Low Fat Cottage Cheese (sometimes on toast – which is awesome for breakfast!)
  • Raspberry Frozen Yogurt (at night)
  • Deli Ham and Cheese and pickles (I often have this for lunch when I don’t have dinner leftovers)
cottage cheese, crackers, cheese stick, eggs, hummus, carrots, fage, whisps, almonds, bark

Foods that sound good, that I need to try

  • Roasted Chickpeas
  • PB2 with fruit or yogurt
  • Edamamde Avocado Hummus (I saw a recipe for this, but haven’t tried this yet)
  • Carrots and Hummus (I’ve done this a few times, but not consistently)
  • Apples with PB2 / Almond Butter

Items that I need to really be careful about

Dark Chocolate – My husband recently started to become obsessed with Chocolate Bark with dark Almonds and Chocolate Bark with Salted Pretzels. I also like skinny dipped chocolate almonds.  I’ve indulged in these enough times that I actually hate the taste of it now.  So I guess it’s a good thing?  But I also can easily convince myself that Dark Chocolate is “healthy”, which is not necessarily the case…

I know many packaged snacks containing dark chocolate, or some kind of nut bark, may not be the best choice; while they are advertised as healthy, they aren’t necessarily the best choice.

Snacks are Essential

All in all, snacks are pretty important.  They’re essential to keeping blood sugar up throughout the day, and keeping your body fueled.  It’s just a matter of keeping healthy snacks on hand so that old habits of unhealthy snacks don’t come back to the forefront.

We recently took a mini-road trip from Southern Massachusetts to The Bronx New York.  Traveling with children is always an experience, and by the time we made it about fifteen minutes, my kids were already asking, “Are we there yet?”  I thought I was being super efficient by bringing snacks with me, but they turned out to be wholly inadequate.  Not only for the kids, but also for me.  While we stopped at a CVS on the way, it was super easy to buy a pack of Cheese-Its for the kids….But not so easy to find something for myself.

I think we take for granted all of the work that goes into eating healthy.  It’s become such a normal part of my day that when I don’t meal prep properly, I really feel the effects of it.  Not packing adequate snacks for myself was really a huge detriment to myself; it was really difficult when we were in the store and I wanted a snack.  I’m hopeful that the snacks that I’ve outlined for myself will be a help for future road trips and variations in my regular schedule.  I continue to remind myself that meal prep is essential, especially when my schedule varies from the norm; go-to snacks are super important.

Post Disclaimer

I am not a doctor or a dietitian.  The information I provide is based on my personal experience.  Any recommendations I may make about nutrition, supplements, lifestyle, or fitness, or information provided to you on this website should be discussed between you and your doctor.  The information on this site does not take the place of professional medical advice.

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