50 pounds….and counting!

50 pounds is a lot of weight! Since having bariatric surgery 7 1/2 weeks ago, but starting the process with my pre-surgery diet 9 1/2 weeks ago, I’ve lost an astounding 50 pounds. 50 pounds is 200 sticks of butter! It’s 10 bags of flour, 12.5 bags of sugar. It’s 2 whole wardrobe sizes! All around, 50 pounds is an amazing feeling!

I’ve officially hit 50 pounds! I am so excited and so proud of myself. It’s been 7 1/2 weeks since surgery (9 1/2 weeks if you include the pre-surgery diet, which I do – weight loss is weight loss.), and I feel like the Tortoise of The Tortoise and the Hare. Slowly, but surely, he wins the race.

In all my history of dieting, I don’t think I’ve ever lost 50 pounds in one try. It’s a huge accomplishment.

What I’ve been eating

I have been religiously tracking ever morsel of food that I put into my mouth. I’ve been using myfitnesspal, which I’ve found to be super helpful, once you figure out to avoid the bad data.

For breakfast, I’ve been having different things: Greek yogurt with Kellogg’s All Bran, 1/2 an English muffin with low fat cheddar cheese or avocado and an egg, Greek yogurt with fruit, oatmeal made with milk and protein powder and fruit…Honestly, my breakfast is pretty boring.

Half an English Muffin with mashed avocado and 3 slices of hard boiled egg
Half English Muffin with mashed avocado and sliced hard-boiled egg

For lunch, I’ve been trying to branch out a bit more. I made a delicious bean salad that I can’t wait to share with you all! It’s so delicious and high in both fiber and protein. I’ve also made turkey roll ups with cream cheese and cucumber, which are good too. But my favorite so far has been plain low-sodium ham roll ups with a small tomato and fresh mozzarella salad to go with it!

6 ham rolls, mozzarella and tomato salad, greek yogurt, peaches in containers
Lunch and Breakfast! Ham rolls and mozzarella/tomato salad & Greek Yogurt and peaches

For dinner, I am pleased to say that I’ve been fixing for my family whatever I am going to eat. Turkey burgers, meatloaf, chicken…But my favorites so far have been a low carb chicken enchilada casserole, and eggplant parm! I can’t wait to share those recipes with you as well!

Plate with fork and knife, turkey meatballs, squash, and mashed potatoes
In honor of Harry Potter’s birthday, I made a recipe out of the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook!

There are still quite a few foods that I still can’t tolerate. I’ve gotten sick multiple times, but I don’t let it get me down. I just have to recognize that I’m just not ready for some things yet.


With weight loss, especially 50 pounds of weight loss, there needs to be some exercise. Unfortunately, I’ve only dipped my toes into the realm of exercise. I do strive to walk at least 6000 steps a day, but that alone is not enough. My husband and I have a beachbody.com membership, but unfortunately we don’t use it very often. I started a round of Country Heat, and I’ve enjoyed what I’ve done so far, but I need to come up with a better schedule to actually fit exercise into my day.

50 pounds….My clothes don’t fit!

With 50 pounds gone, so are a lot of my wardrobe choices. Last night, I went through my closet and I now have 4 full trash bags full of clothes ready to donate. I have a small selection of clothes that still fit. Luckily I have a wide array of clothes in my closet, and in bins, so hopefully I’ll have things that fit me. I just don’t know how out of style a lot of the clothes will be. But at times such as these, beggars can’t be choosers.

More Milestones to Go

Most milestones, for me, go in terms of passing “one decade into the next”….So I’ll celebrate in 3 more pounds when I get to the next x59. But ultimately, my next big realistic milestone is another 25 pounds. There have been so many changes already, and I can’t wait as more come my way!

Look for more of my recipes as I share them!

Post Disclaimer

I am not a doctor or a dietitian.  The information I provide is based on my personal experience.  Any recommendations I may make about nutrition, supplements, lifestyle, or fitness, or information provided to you on this website should be discussed between you and your doctor.  The information on this site does not take the place of professional medical advice.

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